Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog's Objective

Assalamu Alaikum. As a new initiative of the Masjid Al Abidin Facebook fan page, we would like to provide a listing of services that can be obtained from our local Muslim community right here in Queens.

In times of crisis, there is no consolidated source of services, that we are aware of, that can be immediately mobilized to provide the much needed resources necessary for the peace of mind and comfort to ourselves and our loved ones. Since many of us lead very busy lifestyles, sudden major events can cause us to quickly become overwhelmed and over anxious which can lead to unclear thinking and loss of focus.

With this in mind, we will endeavor to be that repository of information that you can access at the click of a button, to offer one-stop solutions for yourself and for the benefit of the community inshaAllah.

Death & Dying

A fundamental part of the Muslim belief system is that life on this earth is only a transitional period. It precedes the latter life or the Hereafter. Success in the Afterlife is the goal of every Muslim which is achieved through gaining Allah (SWT) favors by believing in Him and following His commands and prescriptions. The reward for those who gain Allah's satisfaction and forgiveness is Jannah (Paradise), and those who stray is Jahannam or Hellfire. We are advised by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to work for this life as if we would live forever, and work for the Hereafter as if we would die tomorrow. This saying highlights the balance in a Muslim's life as we work towards achieving our goals in this limited earthly existence.

When death approaches, the close family and friends should support and comfort the dying person through supplication as well as remembrance of Allah (SWT) or Zikr. Gather around your loved ones and help to iterate his commitment to unity of God Almighty.

Upon death, the eye lids are to be closed, the body should be covered, and preparation for burial should take place as soon as possible. The whole body is ceremonially washed (Ghusl) and shrouded. In the Queens area, the bathing of the dead is traditionally done at the Muslim Funeral Parlor. Relatives of the deceased would perform the right of Ghusl to their loved ones normally at the direction of a Parlor attendant or a learned community elder.

Muslims gather and a prayer is performed for the dead (Janazah). The body is to buried soon after the prayer. The wrapped body is to be laid directly at the bottom of the dug grave. The body is to be laid on its right side facing the direction of the Kabah (Qibla). A ceiling is attached to the grave and then covered with dirt. The grave should be filled until it rises above the surrounding grounds in a mound. A stone may be used to mark its location.

The family of the dead has a responsibility to fulfill any debts he had as soon as possible. They have the commitment to maintain contact and courteous relationships with close relatives and close friends. They should also pray and make frequent supplications for him. Charity, fasting, prayers, and pilgrimage is often performed on behalf of the deceased.

Visiting the graves is recommended for the living to remember death and the day of judgment.

Current as of year 2012:

Muslim Funeral Parlor #1

Islamic Funeral Home
114 St &  Rockaway Blvd.

Contact: Br. Shazad
Phone (Cell): 347-870-9127

Br. Shazad will take care of ALL the necessary arrangement for your loved ones.
His services include picking up the Miyat from the hospital or home, arrange for people to bathe (ghusl) the deceased, both Male or Female. He also has for sale, Burial Plots at all of the Muslim burial grounds around New York city, and will co-ordinate with the grounds staff of the various locations regarding opening and closing of graves and on burial time. The Funeral parlor also has enough room for a wake and to pray the Janazah (small crowd), and if requested, Br. Shazad can also lead the Janazah prayer. The required Cotton shroud (kaffan) is also provided.
The Miyat will be transported with a Hearse to the place of burial or to interim place of Janazah before being respectfully transported to the place of interment.


Muslim Funeral Parlor #2

Pak Funeral Home
58-34 Catapia Ave.
Ridgewood, Queens

Contact: Hafiz Lookman
Phone #: 718-418-7225

Pak Funeral Home is about 10 mins. from Masjid Al Abidin and will provide all the services that the Islamic Funeral Home on Rockaway Blvd. provides.
Additionally, this location has a dedicated prayer area for your convenience.

If you need any additional help, wake venue, financial assistance, or burial plot, please contact Br. Reyez, the Muazin (at Masjid Al Abidin) at :

Office:        718-848-8759
Residence:  718-848-8866
Mobile:       917-340-9894

He may be contacted at anytime day or night. May Allah (SWT) reward him and all those who provide services for the Muslim Ummah inshaAllah. Ameen.

What to do BEFORE you call the Funeral Parlor:

Although both of the Funeral Directors are very helpful and will make it easy for the families, it is strongly advised that before you contact the funeral parlor you should have the following information at hand:

a) The name of the deceased.

b) The name (hospital/nursing home etc.) and address of where the Miyat is.

c) The name of the attending Physician (doctor).

d) When would you like to have the Janazah (burial).

e) Whether or not you own a burial plot and the exact location.

As new information becomes available inshaAllah, we will update our blog.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(Halal) Event Venue

Have and upcoming event and can't find an affordable (Halal) venue and environment? Why not try our Masjid. The Masjid's Annex has been recently renovated and is now an excellent location for a small to medium size crowd. Contact the Muazin, Br. Reyez.

Office:        718-848-8759
Residence:  718-848-8866
Mobile:       917-340-9894

For larger crowds, the Al Ihsan Academy School located at 130-08 Rockaway Blvd. is also available for rental. Call the office at 718-322-3154 during school hours. The multi-purpose recreation hall boasts a full size commercial kitchen and elevated stage.